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An external aerial is required in order to operate radio equipment inside the vehicle. The maximum range of the equipment can only be achieved with an external aerial.
Retrofit installations of radio transmitters in the vehicle are subject to official approval and can affect the type approval for your vehicle. In extreme cases this could mean that you lose the type approval for your vehicle.
Qualified workshops will be able to inform you about options for installing and operating radio transmitters.
Business equipment
Retrofit installation of business or other equipment in the vehicle is permitted, provided the equipment cannot interfere with the driver's immediate control of the vehicle. Any such equipment must carry the mark. Any retrofit equipment that could influence the driver's control of the vehicle must have a type approval for road vehicles and must carry the e mark.
  • Loose or incorrectly secured radio equipment could be catapulted through the vehicle during sudden driving/braking manoeuvres or in the event of an accident. This poses a risk of injury to occupants.
  • Always ensure that radio equipment is properly secured outside the deployment area of the airbags or stowed safely while the vehicle is moving.
  • Mobile telephones or radio equipment which are operated inside the vehicle without a correctly installed external aerial can create excessive magnetic fields that could cause a health hazard.
If you use radio equipment in the car without an external aerial, the electromagnetic radiation in the vehicle could exceed the recommended limits. This also applies to external aerials which have not been correctly installed.
  • Do not operate radio equipment in the vehicle unless an external aerial is properly connected.
Please observe the relevant regulations and follow the instructions in the operating manual for the radio equipment.

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