Audi RS Q3   Controls   Heating and cooling  Air conditioner
Applies to vehicles: with deluxe automatic air conditioner
We recommend pressing the AUTO button and setting the temperature to 22 °C (72 °F).
The functions can be switched on and off by pressing the buttons. The LED in the corresponding button lights up when the function is switched on.
OFF Switching the air conditioner on/off
The OFF button is used to switch the air conditioner on and off. When the air conditioner is switched off, the supply of air from outside the car is cut off.
A/C Switching air cooling on/off
When the air cooling is switched off, the air is neither cooled nor dehumidified. The windows may mist up as a result. The air cooling is switched off automatically at low outside temperatures (below zero).
Switching air recirculation on/off
To switch on the air recirculation mode, press the button. The bottom LED in the button will light up. In air recirculation mode, the air from the interior of the vehicle is filtered and recirculated. This setting prevents fumes etc. from entering the interior. We recommend switching on the air recirculation mode when driving through a tunnel or in traffic queues WARNING!.
The air recirculation mode is switched off when the AUTO or button is pressed.
To switch on the automatic air recirculation mode, press the button again. The top LED in the button will light up. The air recirculation mode will be switched on automatically if you reverse the vehicle while the engine is cold. If cooling mode (AC) is switched off and the weather is extremely cold, the automatic air recirculation will only operate for a limited time.
AUTO Switching automatic mode on/off
The automatic mode maintains a constant temperature inside the vehicle. Air temperature, output and distribution are regulated automatically.
Selecting the temperature
Separate temperatures can be selected for the driver's and front passenger's side using the left and right rotary controls. The temperature can be adjusted between +16 °C (+60 °F) and +28 °C (+84 °F). Outside this range, LO or HI will appear on the air conditioner display. In the two extreme settings the air conditioner operates continuously with maximum cooling or heating output, and the temperature is not regulated automatically.
-/+ Adjusting the blower speed
You can adjust the volume of air delivery manually to suit your individual requirements. Press the AUTO button for automatic blower regulation.
// Adjusting the air distribution
You can direct the flow of air manually to selected outlets. The buttons can be operated either separately or in combination. Press the AUTO button for automatic air distribution.
Adjusting the seat heating
When you press the button, the seat heating is switched on at level 3 (the highest level). The LEDs indicate the temperature level. To reduce the temperature, press the button again. To switch off the seat heating, press the button repeatedly until all the LEDs have gone out.
The seat heating automatically switches from level 3 to level 2 after 10 minutes.
FRONT Switching the defroster on/off
The windscreen and side windows are defrosted or demisted as quickly as possible. The air output is increased to maximum and most of the air comes out of the outlets below the windscreen. The air recirculation mode is deactivated. The temperature should be set to 22 °C or higher.
The defroster is switched off when the AUTO button is pressed.
REAR Switching the rear window heating on/off
The rear window heating operates only when the engine is running and switches off automatically after about 10 minutes.
By pressing and holding the AUTO button, you can set the temperature of the front passenger's side to the temperature of the driver's side. The synchronisation is deactivated as soon as the temperature on the front passenger's side is changed.
Air outlets
The thumbwheels can be used to open and close the air outlets in the centre and on either side of the dashboard and rear centre console. The lever in the centre of the outlets can be used to adjust the direction of air flow.
Changing the temperature units
The temperature display can be switched between °C and °F. Press and hold the button Fig. 1 and turn the rotary control on the driver's side to for 3 seconds.
  • For reasons of safety you should not leave the air recirculation switched on for too long. This mode prevents fresh air from entering the vehicle, so the windows can mist over if the air cooling is switched off. Bad visibility can cause an accident.
  • People with limited capacity to feel pain or sense temperature could burn themselves when using the seat heating. These people must not use the seat heating - risk of injury!
To avoid damaging the heating elements of the seat heating, please do not kneel on the seat or apply sharp pressure at a single point.

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