Audi MMI  Controls  Speech dialogue system
Important: The Navigation menu must be open Link.
You can say the following commands to enter a destination:
(A) Function
(B) Say:
Calling up a navigation list
Last destinations | Favourites
Calling up your home address
Home address
Entering an address with assistance from the system
Enter address > follow the directions given by the system
Entering an address directly
Enter address > name of town, street and house number, e.g. "London, Edgware Road 132"
Individual commands for entering a destination
Enter country | Enter town | Enter post code | Enter street | Enter house number | Enter centre
Making corrections while entering a destination
Entering a town centre as the destination
Enter address > town when requested > Centre > Start route guidance
Navigating to a contact
Navigate to (XY), e.g. Navigate to John Smith
Navigating to a specific address stored for a contact
Navigate to (XY) business address | private address,
e.g. Navigate to John Smith business address
Navigating to favourites
Favourites > Line (XY) > start route guidance when requested
Starting route guidance when an address card is open
Navigate | Navigate to private address | Navigate to business address
Changing the address while route guidance is active
Enter address > desired address when requested > confirm new destination when requested
Adding a stopover while route guidance is active
Enter address > enter desired address when requested > Set as stopover
Starting route guidance after entering a destination
Start route guidance
Cancelling the active route guidance
Stop route guidance
Calculating three alternative routes
Calculate alternative routes
Entering a special destination with search area with assistance from the system
Special destination > enter desired search area when requested > enter desired category and, if necessary, subcategory when requested, e.g. "Restaurant"
Categories for entering special destinations
Audi Service | Railway station | Airport | Hotel | Hospital | Parking space | Service area | Restaurant | Petrol station etc.
Entering a special destination with search area directly
Special destination and search area,
e.g. "Find petrol station in immediate vicinity"
Search areas for entering special destinations
In immediate vicinity | In vicinity of route | In vicinity of destination | In vicinity of stopover | In new town | Nationwide | In new country
The following special destination examples can be set directly as the destination
Next Audi Service | Next railway station | Next airport | Next hotel | Next hospital | Next parking space | Next service area | Next restaurant | Next petrol station
Entering an online destination*
Special destination (XY), e.g. "Online destination Palace Hotel"
Displaying an online destination*
Show in list | Show on map
You can say the following commands to make additional navigation settings:
(A) Function
(B) Say:
General map options
Map | Day map | Night map | Additional route info | Additional info overview map | Additional info off | Intersection map on/off
Map type
2D driving position map | 2D north position map | 3D driving position map | Destination map | Overview map | Standard map | Traffic map | Google Earth map
Automatic map zoom
Automatic zoom | Automatic zoom off | Automatic intersection zoom
Displaying the route list
Route list
Displaying remaining distance/time while route guidance is active
Destination info
Setting the navigation cues during active route guidance
Voice guidance on | Voice guidance off | Voice guidance compact | Voice guidance complete | Voice guidance traffic
Dynamic traffic avoidance
Dynamic traffic avoidance on | Dynamic traffic avoidance off
Route criteria
Fast route | Eco route | Short route
Excluding the next section of the route
Exclude route
Excluding a certain section of the route
Exclude route for (XY) metres/kilometres/yards/miles
  • Depending on the selected menu language and the country you are in, you may have to spell destinations to enter them for route guidance.
  • Please observe the notes in the chapter Notes on Audi connect Link.

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