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You can use the Bluetooth audio player to play music from your mobile phone wirelessly via the MMI.
Important: The vehicle must be stationary, and the Bluetooth function of your portable player and the Audio player Link of the MMI system must be switched on.
Connecting a Bluetooth audio player
Select: MEDIA button > control button Source > Bluetooth audio player > Connect new Bluetooth audio player. The Bluetooth audio players available will be displayed.
Select and confirm the desired Bluetooth audio player from the list.
Select and confirm Audio player. The MMI will generate a PIN to establish the connection.
Select and confirm Yes.
Enter the PIN to establish a connection on your mobile phone. Or: If the PIN is already being displayed on your mobile phone, confirm it on the phone and in the MMI. You have about 30 seconds to enter the PIN.
Depending on the device you are using, the media are started and operated using the portable player or the MMI system Link.
  • Pay attention to any connection queries on your Bluetooth audio player.
  • Bluetooth devices only have to be bonded once. Any Bluetooth devices that have already been bonded to the MMI system once are connected automatically when they are within range.
  • You can bond several Bluetooth audio players to the MMI system; however only one connection is active at a time.
  • The system supports the Bluetooth protocols AVRCP (1.0/1.3) and A2DP.
  • Please consider the volume control on your portable audio player, Audi recommends that you set this to maximum volume.
  • Which media functions are supported depends on the Bluetooth audio player you are using.
  • For more information on which devices are supported, please go to or contact an Audi dealer.

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