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Select: TEL button > control button Settings.
Telephone settings
Volume settings1): Ring tones are played when you select the function Ring tone. Press the rotary pushbutton to store the selected ring tone. For the settings Ring tone volume/Microphone input level and Message volume, see Link.
Network settings: Connect to your service provider's network using the Login function automatically or select a network manually from a list of available networks. Network selection can be used to select the available networks for the current position of the vehicle. This option is only available when the manual login setting is activated.
SIM PIN settings: When Autom. SIM PIN recognition is on, the SIM PIN will be automatically saved in the MMI after it has been entered for the first time. You can save the PIN codes of four different SIM cards on the MMI. If this function is switched off, the PIN currently stored in the MMI will be deleted. If Autom. SIM PIN recognition is activated, no SIM PIN query is made. When the option Activate is selected at SIM PIN query, the system asks for the SIM PIN code every time you switch it on. Select Deactivate if you do not want the system to make a SIM PIN query when you switch it on. The setting for Automatic SIM PIN recognition is ignored in this case. Some SIM cards do not allow the SIM PIN query to be deactivated. Using the Change SIM PIN function, you can change the PIN code for your SIM card. First enter the existing PIN code for your SIM card. The SIM PIN code can only consist of numbers from 0 to 9. The new SIM PIN code has to be entered twice, as a precautionary measure, and is stored on the SIM card.
Mailbox number: You can enter or edit the mailbox number using the MMI touch pad or the speller via the entry field Number. The mailbox number can be deleted with the option Delete mailbox number.
Serial number (IMEI): The serial number of the telephone module installed in the MMI system is displayed.
Call options
Call forward: Forwarding incoming calls to your mailbox or to another phone number can be activated/deactivated.
Call waiting: The warning (beep) that there is an incoming call during a telephone conversation can be activated/deactivated.
Transmit caller ID: Sending your telephone number in outgoing calls can be activated/deactivated. With the Network-dependent option, the setting agreed in your mobile network service contract will be used. The settings apply only to the Telephone menu in the MMI system. When the Bluetooth connection has been severed, the settings of your mobile phone apply.
Device management: All Bluetooth devices bonded to the MMI system are displayed in a list. The device that is currently connected is marked with a Bluetooth symbol. To switch between the Handsfree profile and the Audio player profile while a mobile phone is connected, select the Bluetooth device and change the profile via the function connect (the vehicle must be stationary). Use the function disconnect to disconnect the active profile. To delete bonded Bluetooth devices one at a time, select a device and delete it by selecting the function Delete Bluetooth device. The Find new devices function searches for all Bluetooth devices within range and displays them in a list.
Bluetooth: When this function is on, the Bluetooth symbol will appear on the MMI display. The Bluetooth discoverability of the MMI can be switched on/off using the settings visible/invisible. Devices which have already been bonded can connect via Bluetooth even when discoverability is deactivated. Once you have connected your mobile phone, you should switch Bluetooth to invisible to prevent the MMI from being discovered by third parties. You can switch off the Bluetooth function. It will then not be possible to establish a Bluetooth connection.
Audio player: In order to be able to use the Bluetooth audio player as a source in the Media menu Link, the function must be switched on. To avoid problems in Telephone or Media mode, switch the Audio player function off when you are not using the Bluetooth audio player.
MMI name: The Bluetooth name of the MMI system (e.g. "AUDI MMI 2613") is displayed and can be changed.
See Link onwards
Network connection (WLAN)
See Link onwards
Message settings
Text message centre: The number of the text message centre of your mobile network service provider is displayed. If no number has been stored, you can enter the number of the text message centre using the speller. For more information, contact your service provider.
Text message dictation licence: If the function has not yet been activated, or if you wish to activate it again, select Activate text message dictation. If the licence is activated, its validity and expiration date will be displayed in this menu. You can have the MMI warn you when the licence is due to expire.
Text msg dict. declaration of consent: You must confirm the declaration of consent in order to use the Dictate text message Link function. Please ensure that all users of the vehicle agree to the declaration of consent.
  • You can bond several mobile phones to the MMI system; however only one connection is active at a time.
  • All bonded Bluetooth devices can be deleted by resetting the Bluetooth function to the factory settings Link.
1) Depends on the connected mobile phone

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