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Applies to vehicles: with On-board Handbook
The On-board Handbook includes the Owner's Manual for your vehicle and the MMI Operating Manual.
Installing the On-board Handbook
Important: The On-board Handbook must be loaded into the DVD drive Link.
  • To install the On-board Handbook: Select the MENU button > Car > control button Handbook > confirm the message > CD/DVD > Start update. The Handbook will be shown on the MMI display once the installation has been completed successfully.
  • To update the On-board Handbook: Select the MENU button > control button Setup MMI > System update > CD/DVD > Start download > OK.
Starting the On-board Handbook
  • To start the On-board Handbook: Select the MENU button > Car > control button Handbook. The On-board Handbook will automatically load in the language that is set under the option Menu language in the MMI Link.
Using the On-board Handbook
The following functions are available when using the browser Fig. 1:
-1- Calling up the start page
-2- Opening/closing side menus
-3- Zooming in on browser contents (50 to 200 %)
-4- Stopping a loading process
-5- Updating browser contents
-6- Calling up the main menu
-7- Closing the browser
Press the BACK button if you would like to return to the previous page.
Not paying attention to the road traffic can lead to serious accidents and loss of life. Only use the On-board Handbook when the traffic conditions allow you to do so safely. You must maintain proper control of your vehicle at all times. As the driver, you bear the responsibility for road safety.
  • The On-board Handbook is not available in all countries. Your Audi dealer will be able to provide you with more detailed information.
  • Switch off the ignition while you are installing/updating the On-board Handbook.
  • Please note that the On-board Handbook is not a substitute for the printed Owner's Manual.

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