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Applies to vehicles: with telephone
After a mobile phone has been connected successfully, the contacts from the mobile phone are automatically imported into the directory of the MMI system.
Select: TEL button > Directory.
  • To select a contact: Select and confirm a contact in the directory. The address card will be displayed.
The contacts are displayed in alphabetical order; they can be sorted according to first name/surname Link and are displayed together with a symbol indicating where they are stored Fig. 1:
-1- Public MMI directory: These contacts can be seen and used by any user, irrespective of which mobile phone is connected.
No mobile phone bonded: Every new contact will be stored in the public directory Link.
Mobile phone bonded: In order to store a contact in the public directory so that it is accessible to all users, it must be marked as Visible to all Link.
-2- Private MMI directory: These contacts are only visible if the corresponding mobile phone is connected.
-3- Mobile phone: These contacts are stored on the mobile phone and are only visible if the corresponding mobile phone is connected.
If there is no memory capacity left for directories and you connect another mobile phone, a message will appear asking you to replace the contacts from one of the phones. If you select the option Restricted use of telephone, only the contacts from the mobile phone and the local MMI memory (public) will be available.
You can open the directory via the Telephone* menu and via the Navigation* menu.
  • Please pay attention to any synchronisation queries on your mobile phone. You must confirm any synchronisation queries from the directory before the contacts can be loaded from your mobile phone into the MMI directory.
  • Which contacts are displayed on the MMI depends on the mobile phone you are using. For more information on which mobile phones are supported, please go to or contact an Audi dealer.
  • In certain cases, contacts from a mobile phone may not be transmitted in alphabetical order. If there are too many entries, contacts with certain initial letters may not be displayed on the MMI system.
  • The contacts in the local MMI memory (public) are visible anytime and are therefore not protected against access by other users.

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