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Applies to vehicles: with navigation system and Audi connect
The MMI system can receive real-time information from the Internet regarding accidents, roadworks and other disruptions.
Important: The requirements for Audi connect services must be met Link.
  • To switch on the online traffic data Select NAV button > control button Settings > Online traffic data > on.
  • To switch on the traffic map display: Select NAV button > control button Settings > Map display > Traffic.
Symbol -4- Fig. 1 on the MMI display indicates the reception of Online traffic information. If Online traffic information cannot be received, the traffic information will automatically be received via TMC/TMCpro Link.
Traffic information display
-1- Green: no obstructions
-2- Orange: slow-moving traffic
-3- Red: traffic jam
Hatched markings show the stretch of road affected by the traffic obstruction.
Coloured warning symbols: A traffic obstruction is ahead (when route guidance is active).
Greyed out warning symbols: Traffic obstructions that are not relevant for your route.
You can adjust the settings for the display of the coloured markings, warning symbols etc. in the Map content menu Link.
You can also have the online traffic information displayed on the Google Earth map display Link.
  • Please observe the notes in the chapter Notes on Audi connect Link.
  • Every vehicle with active Online traffic data contributes to specifying and predicting the traffic situation as precisely as possible. For this purpose, information on the position of your vehicle is encrypted and transmitted anonymously to the traffic data providers at regular intervals. Should you not wish this to happen, you can switch off the online traffic information function at any time.
  • You can call up information on your traffic data licence period in the Online traffic data licence menu Link.
  • The online traffic information network is not yet available in all countries. For further information, please see or ask an Audi dealer.

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