The On-board Handbook contains important information, tips, suggestions and warnings. Please note that this On-board Handbook is not a substitute for the printed Owner's Manual. You should only use the On-board Handbook when the situation on the road allows you to do so safely.
This On-board Handbook describes the equipment available for the vehicle at the time of going to print. Some of the equipment described here will not be available until a later date, or may only be available in certain markets.
Some sections of this On-board Handbook do not apply to all vehicles. If this is the case, a text at the start of the section indicates which vehicles it applies to, e.g. "Applies to vehicles: with auxiliary heater". This optional or vehicle-specific equipment is also marked with an asterisk "*".
Illustrations are intended as a general guide, and may vary from the equipment fitted in your vehicle in some details.
The Contents list shows all the items described in this manual in the order in which they appear. You can call up an alphabetical index on the start page.
All references to positions such as "left", "right", "front" or "rear" are given as seen facing in the direction of travel.
Registered trademarks are marked ®. However, the absence of this symbol does not constitute a waiver of the rights concerning any proprietary name.
Links (or cross-references) to other descriptions or subjects are marked with the symbol Link. The following symbols indicate that there are Notes.
There are also warning symbols WARNING! in the text referring to a safety note.
Texts with this symbol contain safety information. They warn you of serious dangers, possibly involving accident or injury.
Texts with this symbol draw your attention to a possible risk of damage to your vehicle.
For the sake of the environment
Texts with this symbol refer to points relevant to the protection of the environment.
Texts with this symbol contain additional information of a more general nature.

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