Audi A3  Controls and displays  Instruments and warning/indicator lamps  Warning and indicator lamps
-A- Warning/indicator lamp
-B- Driver message
Status line:
  • / Central warning/indicator lamp or additional display of activated system such as:
  • / Electro-mechanical parking brake
  • Cruise control system*
  • / Active lane assist*
The warning and indicator lamps light up or flash in the instrument cluster to indicate functions or faults.
The central warning/indicator lamp -C- or may light up in addition to some of the warning and indicator lamps -A-.
If the central warning/indicator lamp -C- lights up, observe the additional information -A- and -B- on the instrument cluster display.
In addition to those on the display, additional warning and indicator lamps are located within the rev counter and speedometer. These lamps light up or flash to indicate functions or faults. Some of the warning and indicator lamps may be accompanied briefly by a message -B- and, in some cases, a warning tone.
If several malfunctions occur, each of the indicator/warning lamps will be shown in succession for a short time on the display.
The warning/indicator lamps and driver messages on the display can be masked by further displays. If the warning/indicator lamp -A- is hidden by another display, the central warning/indicator lamp -C- remains lit until the malfunction is corrected.
You can have the messages displayed again on the driver information system. Depending on the equipment in your vehicle, you can use the following to operate the driver information system:
  • Vehicles with controls on windscreen wiper lever Link
  • Vehicles with controls on multi-function steering wheel Link

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