Audi A3  Controls and displays  Driver information system  Controls on multi-function steering wheel
Applies to vehicles: with driver information system and multi-function steering wheel
The driver information system can be operated via the multi-function steering wheel.
As well as the figures from the on-board computer (memories 1 and 2 and efficiency programme), the display can also show information from other systems.
The number or or the filling nozzle symbol in the top corner of the on-board computer display shows which of the memories is currently active (i.e. on-board computer 1 or 2 or the efficiency programme).
The display tabs -A- Fig. 3 will appear as soon as you press the button -1- Fig. 1 on the multi-function steering wheel.
How to use the controls
Switch on the ignition. The function that was last selected will be displayed.
To switch between the tabs, press the left or right side of the button -1- Fig. 1.
To show more information further up or down the display, scroll the thumbwheel -2- up or down.
To confirm a selection, press the thumbwheel -2-.
To call up a function assigned to the steering wheel button, press the button -4-. For further information please refer to Link.
Calling up Vehicle functions
Use button -1- to select the first display tab.
Press the button -3-. The Vehicle functions menu will be displayed Fig. 2.
To select a menu item, scroll and press the thumbwheel -2-.
Resetting values to zero
Select On-board computer or Efficiency programme from the Vehicle functions menu.
Select a value in the desired on-board computer or the efficiency programme.
To reset the figures in the selected memory to zero, press the thumbwheel -2- for one second.
Calling up warning/indicator lamps and driver messages again
Press the button -1- repeatedly until the tab marked appears.
The tab marked is only visible if a malfunction has occurred.
Assigning a function to the steering wheel button
Select MENU button > Car > control button Systems* > Vehicle settings > Steering wheel button.
The tab marked is only visible if one or more warning/indicator lamps or driver messages are displayed.
  • The measurement units may be different on vehicles for some markets.
  • The information in the memory is cancelled if the battery is disconnected.
  • For information on the efficiency programme, refer to Link.
  • Please refer to the MMI* Operating Manual for more information on the multi-function steering wheel.

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