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Applies to vehicles: with Audi pre sense front or Audi adaptive cruise control
The system draws the driver's attention to hazardous situations:
  • Vehicles with adaptive cruise control: A distance warning is given if you are too close to the vehicle in front for more than just a moment. If the vehicle in front were to brake hard, a collision would no longer be avoidable. This is indicated by a warning lamp .
  • A collision warning is given if the vehicle in front is much slower than you or if it brakes hard. If this warning is given, you may need to take evasive action or brake hard to avoid a collision. The driver message Audi pre sense Distance! Fig. 1 and a warning tone draw your attention to the danger. On vehicles equipped with adaptive cruise control, the warning lamp will also light up.
If you do not take appropriate action in time, the pre sense front will assist by applying the brakes.
  • In the event of an impending collision, an acute warning will be given initially in the form of a brake jolt. In addition, the instrument cluster display Fig. 1 draws your attention to the danger. On vehicles equipped with adaptive cruise control, the warning lamp will also light up.
  • If you do not respond to the acute warning, the pre sense front can, subject to general system limitations, apply the brakes with increasing brake force1), in order to slow the vehicle down and take the impact out of a potential collision. In addition, the message Audi pre sense - Input will appear.
  • At low road speeds, pre sense front can initiate a full brake application1) just before an impending collision.
  • If the pre sense front detects that you are not braking hard enough in the event of an impending collision, it will increase the brake pressure.
  • The protection provided by pre sense front is still subject to the prevailing physical limits. It is a driver assist function and cannot prevent a collision on its own. The driver must always intervene personally. As the driver you are always responsible for braking in good time. Do not let the extra safety provided tempt you into taking any risks when driving – this can cause accidents.
  • Due to inherent system limitations, false activation of the system is possible.
  • Please note that the sensor is not always able to detect all objects which may represent a potential hazard - risk of accident!
  • Pre sense front does not react to people, animals, crossing traffic or objects that cannot be clearly recognised Link.
  • Reflecting objects, such as crash barriers, the entrance to a tunnel, heavy rain or ice can impair the function of the radar sensor and the ability of the system to detect a collision risk.
Impacts or damage to the bumper, wheel arches or underbody can cause misalignment of the sensor. This can impair the function of the pre sense front system. Have the systems checked by a qualified workshop.
  • The automatic brake application with increasing brake force can be cancelled by applying the brakes yourself or by pressing the accelerator firmly or by taking evasive action.
  • For driver messages relating to pre sense refer to Link.
  • Please note that pre sense front can apply the brakes unexpectedly. Always secure your luggage to prevent damage and possible injury.
  • Certain pre sense front functions are deactivated when the ESC sport mode is switched on and when reversing.
  • The functions of pre sense front will be unavailable if a fault develops in the adaptive cruise control* Link / Link.
1) Not available on vehicles for some markets.

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