Audi A3  Service and care  Checking and topping up fluids  Engine oil
Switch off the engine.
Unscrew cap from oil filler opening Fig. 1, Fig. 2.
Carefully add 0.5 litres of suitable oil Link.
After two minutes check the oil level once again Link.
Top up with oil if necessary.
Replace the oil filler cap carefully and push the dipstick all the way in.
  • Ensure that no oil comes into contact with hot engine components when topping up: this could cause a fire.
  • Wash your skin thoroughly if it comes into contact with engine oil.
  • The oil level must never be above area -a-, as this may result in damage to the catalytic converter or to the engine. Contact a qualified workshop to extract the engine oil if necessary.
  • No additives should be used with engine oil. Any damage caused by the use of such additives would not be covered by the factory warranty.
For the sake of the environment
  • Never pour oil down drains or into the ground.
  • Always observe statutory requirements when disposing of empty oil canisters.

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