Audi MMI  Controls  Speech dialogue system
A SIM card with a messaging and data option must be inserted in the SIM card reader* Link.
Or, a SIM card with a data option must be inserted in the SIM card reader and a mobile phone with activated MAP (Message Access Profile) must be connected to the MMI Link.
The declaration of consent must have been accepted Link.
The Telephone menu must be open Link.
(A) Function
(B) Say:
Dictate text message
Dictate text message | Dictate text message to (XY) > follow the directions given by the system
Commands for text editing
Read | Continue | Delete | Re-record | Replace with (XY) | Add recipient | Send
Having messages read out
Read text message | Read e-mail
Replying to an opened text message
Forwarding an opened text message
Forward > Add recipient | Insert template | Send
  • The "Dictate text message" service is not available in all languages and markets. Your Audi dealer will be able to provide you with more detailed information.
  • For more information on which mobile phones are supported, please go to or contact an Audi dealer.
  • Please observe the notes in the chapter Notes on Audi connect Link.

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