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This QR code takes you directly to the mobile device database (data connection costs vary according to your mobile phone contract).
Fig. 1 This QR code takes you directly to the mobile device database (data connection costs vary according to your mobile phone contract).
(A) Subject
(B) Advice
Audi music interface/Bluetooth audio player*: The portable player/Bluetooth audio player is not supported.
Please observe the notes on the Audi music interface Link/Bluetooth audio player* Link. For information on which devices are supported, please see the Audi mobile device database ( Fig. 1.
Audi music interface: When starting playback via the adapter cable with 3.5 mm jack plug* or AV adapter cable*, the volume is too high/low.
Set the volume of the portable player to about 70% of maximum (Input level) Link.
Audi music interface: The portable player is not recognised as a source.
On some mobile phones or audio players, playback is not possible if the battery charge is very low (less than 5 % of its capacity). After it has been plugged in, the portable player will only be recognised as a source in the MMI again when it has sufficient battery charge.
Audi music interface: Problems during audio playback via an iPod/iPhone/iPad.
The Audio player function is switched on. Switch the function off Link when you are not using a Bluetooth audio player*.
Audi music interface: Interference audible when plugging in or unplugging the adapter cable with 3.5 mm jack plug*/AV adapter cable* or when connecting or disconnecting the portable player to the adapter cable with 3.5 mm jack plug*/AV adapter cable*.
Audi music interface is already selected as the source when the adapter cable/portable player is being connected. Activate the mute function or another audio source (e.g. radio Link) before connecting/disconnecting the portable player.
Bluetooth audio player*: Playback problems.
To ensure problem-free playback, only one interface should be in use at any one time.
Jukebox: The tracks in the imported playlist are greyed out.
When importing playlists, you must copy all files yourself.
Media centre: Imported tracks cannot be played or cannot be found.
If you cannot find imported tracks via the media centre, this could mean that they are not supported and have been moved. To free up some memory space, select the control button for Settings > Fill/delete jukebox > Delete, folder: Unplayable files.
Wi-Fi audio player: More than one device is connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot. A device (e.g. a smartphone) is shown as the source and cannot be changed.
Close the Audi MMI connect app on the connected devices (e.g. smartphones) that you do not want to use as the Wi-Fi audio player. Also close any UPnP server apps on the devices, or disable media sharing on any integrated UPnP/DLNA servers. Connect the desired device as a Wi-Fi audio player Link.
Wi-Fi audio player: Playback problems.
Some mobile phones may experience audio playback problems if the Internet connection in the vehicle was not established via the SIM card reader* of the MMI control console and the mobile data option is activated on the mobile phone. Deactivate the mobile data option on your mobile phone.

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