Audi A3  Setting off  Heating and cooling  Heating system / air conditioner
Applies to vehicles: with heating/ventilation system or manual air conditioner
The rotary controls and switches are used to control the functions. The LED in the corresponding button lights up when the function is switched on.
The rear window heating Link and seat heating Link are described in separate sections of this manual.
Manual air conditioner*
For a comfortable climate inside the vehicle:
  • In the summer, adjust the temperature to just a few degrees below the outside temperature
  • Do not turn the blower up too high
  • Do not point the air outlets directly at the occupants
  • Use the "indirect" setting on the air outlets Link
A/C Switching air cooling* on/off
The air cooling system only works when the blower is switched on. When the air cooling is switched off, the air is neither cooled nor dehumidified. The windows may mist up as a result. The air cooling is switched off automatically at low outside temperatures.
Adjusting the blower speed
You should leave the blower on at a low setting to prevent the windows from misting up. To demist the windows, we recommend that you increase the blower speed and set the control to .
/ Selecting the temperature
The rotary control can be used to adjust the temperature in small steps.
Adjusting air distribution and air outlets
The rotary control with symbols , , and is used to adjust the air distribution. A setting between  and usually provides a comfortable environment.
At the setting, the windscreen and side windows are defrosted or demisted as quickly as possible. The air recirculation is switched off, but can be switched on again manually by pressing the button.
The round air outlets in the dashboard can be adjusted Link.
To prevent the front side windows from misting up in wet weather, we recommend opening the side air outlets, pointing them to the side and selecting the "spot" setting Link.
Foot-level air outlets are provided underneath the front seats to heat the rear cabin.
Switching air recirculation on/off
In air recirculation mode, the air from the interior of the vehicle is filtered and recirculated. This setting prevents fumes etc. from entering the interior. We recommend switching on the air recirculation mode when driving through a tunnel or in traffic queues WARNING!.
The air recirculation mode is switched off when the control is in the defrost position .
For reasons of safety you should not leave the air recirculation switched on for too long. This mode prevents fresh air from entering the vehicle, so the windows can mist over if the air cooling* is switched off. Bad visibility can cause an accident.

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