Audi MMI  Controls  MMI control console
Menus and symbols
Fig. 1 Menus and symbols
(B) Symbol / marking
(C) Explanation
Selected option
Selected function
Arrow for
Further available functions
Audio source muted Link
Reception of TMC traffic information Link
Copying procedure
Copying audio/video files to the jukebox Link
Time setting Link
Missed calls Link
Unread text message (SMS)
Crossed-out envelope: text message memory is full
Signal strength bars for mobile phone*
Reception strength of mobile phone network of a connected mobile phone Link
Signal strength bars for data connection*
Reception strength of the active connection, or
PIN: Enter the SIM PIN code
PUK: Enter the PUK code
SIM: Insert the SIM card Link
Reception of traffic announcements Link
Update procedure
Update of the navigation database Link
Import procedure
Import/update of contacts in the directory/call list
Bluetooth device connected Link / Link
Network coverage of the active connection Link
2G: GSM network
3G: UMTS network
LTE: LTE network
When a data connection has been established, a symbol indicating the active data connection -15- Fig. 1 appears in the status line of the MMI display
Entry field
Entries that can be changed using the speller for letters/numbers Link
Selection list
Settings for the selected function that can be called up by pressing the rotary pushbutton
Submenu with additional functions that can be called up by pressing the rotary pushbutton
Selected menu (e.g. Telephone)

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